Thursday, September 13, 2012

Moonlighting Release!

Moonlighting is now live on Amazon for purchase! Check it out here!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sneak Peak

Here's a little preview snippet from my novel! It should be available for purchase on Amazon tomorrow morning!

There are a lot of preconceived notions people have about werewolves thanks to popular media. Fact: werewolves are not in fact dreamy bronzed teen idols who never wear shirts. Fact: werewolves walk upright most of the time, except when they’re running. Fact: Werewolves don’t look much like people or wolves. The werewolves before me stood about eight feet tall on average, with uniformly black fur that was grouped in greasy, matted clumps, distributed unevenly over their bodies. Where there was not fur, a leathery black hide presented itself, covered in a slimy sheen. Their arms were malformed, unevenly shaped and of unequal length but both were heavily muscled, ending in claws the size of kitchen knives. If the body was hideous, the head was no improvement. Their ears stood tall and gnarled atop their heads, below which uneven eyes, milky white without irises, stared blankly. Their snubbed snouts ended in dripping broad noses, and a mouth filled with teeth, rows upon rows of them. That was a little known detail: Werewolves have dental profiles much more similar to sharks than wolves.

The biggest wolf was twice as wide the others and about a foot taller, with boney spines protruding from its back and arms. I took that to be the alpha, given that it was the largest, though there might be a bigger wolf that hadn’t presented itself. Werewolves, being aberrations of nature, had no genders, and so the human gender of the wolf had no bearing on which the alpha was. A person whose been a werewolf for longer tends to grow larger over time when transformed, so typically the alpha was the oldest wolf in the pack.
I watched the wolves feeding for another moment waiting to be sure there were no stragglers. There were only four wolves in the clearing and the severity of the attacks in the past month suggested there were more wolves than that, but they would be finished with that cow pretty quick. Still, I wasn’t going to waste this chance. I pressed the kill switch.

Intro and Stumbling on an eBook

Hi everyone!

I plan to use this blog for things related to fiction I write, to post snippets of things I'm working on, and also to talk a bit about how I came to write Moonlighting (which should be live on Amazon in the next 24 hours or so). Unlike my other blog I won't have a set schedule for updating here, so just check back now and again for updates.

Today I just wanted to talk a little about how I decided that I was going to try and make an ebook. It all started as a sort of running gag, where I'd joke every full moon about how the town paid me to keep the werewolf population in check. After a while I decided to write a short story about a guy who did that, and to just sort of run with the idea. I started writing, and finished the rough draft in just over seven days. The thing is, by the time I was done, it wasn't really a short story anymore. I'd added things in and it had become decidedly less short. It wasn't quite novel length; at its core it still had the plot structure of a short story. At that point, I set about editing, and by the time I was done with the first major round of edits I had something I thought was pretty good. I decided that I wanted to publish it, so I went about formatting it so I could sell it as an ebook on Amazon.

I just finished that process now, and I'm really excited to share my story with everyone. I hope you all like it!